We are absolutely thrilled, and honored, to have the opportunity to turn celebrated museum exhibitions into virtual reality (VR) experiences.


Impactful museum exhibitions are like unforgettable music albums.  Those music albums are not just a random collection of songs haphazardly put together, but rather, there is a narrative being shared by the musical artist, utilizing the gift of sound.  Brilliant artists, along with gifted curators, also create a compelling story through the actual artworks as well as the placement and juxtaposition of those masterpieces.  In the past, we could only experience this by physically visiting a specific museum in a particular part of the world during a brief period of time.  By properly archiving these exhibitions utilizing only recently available technology, future generations will be able to experience what their predecessors intended.


Possibly of most significance is the continuing greater accessibility that technology allows.  We are all human.  We all need to share.  And museums are uniquely positioned to utilize virtual reality to share what matters.


Now available on Oculus